January 30, 2023

Last week we held an interesting webinar with Kathryn Kendall, Chief People Officer from Benefex.

If you missed it then we have a recording to share with you.

The webinar is a direct speech from Kathryn about how her role and how her business coped with the fast changes that Covid bought to the HR world. 

Kathryn is a compelling and interesting person to listen to, so you'll see no slides or presentations here. Just Kathryn and her insights to how HR have had to adapt and what teams need to think about for the future.

Who is the Speaker?

Kathryn will be giving us her thoughts on the world of HR at this unprecedented (and frankly weird) time for all of us – how HR has as a profession has been impacted, how it has evolved to support business during this crisis, and will also be talking about some of the specific initiatives in place within her business.

Some of you I am sure will have met Kathryn already – we are pleased to have known her for many years. We met around 13 years ago in fact, when Kathryn was Head of HR at Candy King. Kathryn has built an enviable HR career, has become a Fellow of the CIPD and regularly produces thought provoking articles and updates for her HR blog which you can find at After some years in the business as HR Director, Kathryn was promoted to Chief People Officer at Benefex in 2016 – a leading online employee benefits and engagement consultancy.  

Kathryn is known for her direct, no-nonsense commercial approach, for her reasoned focus on engagement and equality, championing flexibility and for setting and achieving extremely high organisational standards in all areas of her business.

A webinar well worth a watch!

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