January 30, 2023

It may only be a spark of good news, however finally we have something positive to share.


Apsco have recently released a Trends Snapshot in August 2020 based on data supplied by cube19. According to the latest monthly data, vacancies and placements are continuing on an upward trajectory as the UK slowly but surely sees businesses re-opening office spaces and some sense of normality returns.

In fact, July marks the second month in a row that we have seen an increase in month on month figures, suggesting that the Prime Minister's plans to build build build further bolstered recruitment activity as we entered July.


While year on year figures are understandably still down as Covid-19 takes its toll on hiring, we are beginning to certainly see smaller decreases in annual comparisons, showing encouraging signs that the gap is beginning to close. This positivity is further evident when we look at the daily tracking information which, throughout the month, confirms the continuity of an upward trend.

The data in the tables below suggest that the leap we saw in interviews in June has funneled placements throughout July. Revenue from permanent sales at the end of July was up an average of 53% when compared with the beginning, with contract up 11%.