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During the course of 2017, Dynamite's Managing Director Matt Fox, colaborated with Decision Magazine to produce of major report on the difficulties faced when recruiting and retaining staff. Many interviews took place with Senior Directors and company owners to produce an insight to how this is affecting their business. In January 2018, the report was finalised.

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For many companies, across all sectors, the biggest issue won't be uncertainty about sales, soft pricing, or even too much regulation. More often than not it will be the difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff. Attracting and keeping hold of talent isn't a new problem. But it's certainly an increasing one, even without the uncretainty caused by Brexit.

Maybe it's time to think of recruitment as something that doesn't stop when someone becomes an employee. The focus can be on trying to bring in the right people without equal emphasis on developing a coherent culture, working environment and the up-skilling opportunities which will appeal to the new generation.

But what about the impact of technologies that seemingly threaten to take out jobs - driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence, 3D manufacturing, drones, and robots?

It will take time for them to have a sigificant impact on the economy. A report by consultancy firm PwC suggests that within fifteen years, 30% of jobs in the UK could potentially be under threat from breakthroughs in technology. But businesses can't count on predictions containing a caveat to solve what is a problem in the here and now.

In a report produced by Decison magazine and in partnership with Dynamite Recruitment, companies share their thoughts about the issues they face, and the impact of the emerging new generation.

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