Client Services

Welcome to Dynamite Recruitment.

By now you may have already worked with us, or you may be simply considering your options. Here’s why we feel you should work with us...!

Firstly, we listen, and we understand our clients... When Dynamite Recruitment was born, we asked many of the clients we had worked with for years why they continued to show us such loyalty. The response was simple. Relationship and Delivery. We had worked hard to immerse ourselves in their respective companies, and outperformed the competition. We were more passionate about performing, and so consistently sourced the right people.

With this in mind, you will not find tired rhetoric on our website or in our brochure about the many ways we ‘dare to be different’. We also know that our customers have become weary of over played messages like “we have access to all the top job boards” and “our service is consultative”. For the record, we do, and it is, but those points alone will not motivate you to trust us with securing talent for your business in such a competitive market. There is no merit in any recruiter investing in wide and varied attraction tools if the individual using them is not unrelentingly passionate and highly tuned in to the demands, culture and organisational journey of your business. Here’s where we add value, since one of our key differentiators is the quality of the people that form our business.  

There are hundreds of aspects of our service delivery to our clients and candidates that appear minor at first glance. These include welcome packs for temporary workers starting new assignments, congratulations cards for placed applicants signed in pen (not by PC) by every member of our team and gestures like interview coaching and a warm smile and cup of tea for every applicant attending interview with us at our offices. Collectively however, they form a slick, professional and caring experience for both candidates and clients alike.

The REC agreed, and chose to bestow their award for “Best Client and Candidate Experience” upon us, so now you don’t have to take our word for it!

Passion ● Performance ● People