Client Services

Welcome to Dynamite Recruitment.

We know our clients want great candidates, quickly, who are reliable, professional, well briefed and well matched. We also know that recruitment agencies like to overcomplicate their services. We don't. If you like us and we deliver, you'll work with us. If we don't, you won't. We don't mask poor service delivery behind hundreds of pages of promises. We like to talk so of course, we can provide as much detail as you would like about any aspect of our process but rest assured we will give it our all, and we will represent your company and brand in the right way.

We give all vacancies as much exposure as they need to engage the right audience whether that's through online exposure on job boards, social media or offline. It's fair to say the best candidates aren't always applying for jobs in the current market, so we have many tools in the box to attract passive candidates (that's people who aren't actively jobhunting but could be your next best hire if only they knew how great your business was!)

The experience matters. Whatever the employment market conditions there is always competition for talent so we deliver a slick and responsive service, with prompt and frank feedback. We work with everyone involved throughout the process - navigating negotiations, counter offers and other opportunities that can get in the way, enabling you to move fast and stay ahead.

We love tech. At Dynamite we make interacting with our team a breeze with web chat and instant CV feedback for those clients that would like to use it. We run a paperless process where candidates access their own dedicated portal to search and apply for the latest vacancies and registration paperwork all completed electronically.

Clients using temporary workers are also provided with a portal login where timesheets can be approved and invoices downloaded. We can integrate with many internal talent management systems, and we offer clients dedicated careers microsites to enhance their brand and boost talent flow.

We're not your average recruiter. Who wants to be average? Our brand sets expectation and you'll see the difference in the delivery.

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