What a great review from a candidate this week

Posted on 6/12/2017 by Helen Pyper

This week we received our 183rd (!) 5* Google Review from a candidate called Sean who registered with our Accountancy & Finance Division. These testimonials and reviews are what drives our consultants as there is nothing greater than finding the perfect opportunity for someone.

"Easily one of the best recruitment agencies on the South Coast. As a candidate and as an employer I have nothing but good things to say. The time was taken to ensure people fit as well as technical ability and in all aspects of my dealings I always feel I am being engaged as a person, not a commodity. Well done Dynamite."

Industry averages state that one in three candidates registered with recruitment agencies will be placed into a role. We are proud of the fact that we achieve double that average at two in three, but that still means that one in every three customers will not get what they come to us for. We are therefore immensely proud of the fact that our candidates take the time out of their day to provide such important feedback for us and some are even from those that didn't get offered the job but were still happy with the customer experience.

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